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"And God Created Woman"
Directed by Roger Vadim

Proving that French films could be big box office hits by grossing over $4 million, And God Created Woman casts sexual icon Brigitte Bardot (Une Parisienne, Plucking the Daisy), as Juliete, the 18 year old orphan with an unbridled sexual appetite.  With Brigitte Bardot, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Christian Marquand, and Curt Jurgens.  ""(Bardot) is undeniably a creation of superlative craftsmanship." - Bosley Crowther, The New York Times.  "A new sex symbol reared her pretty, pouting, kittenish head." - The Faber Companion to Foreign Films.  Uncut 91 minute version with original soundtrack on video for the first time.  French with English subtitles, Letterboxed, Color, 91 minutes.  Aspect Ratio - 2.35:1(CinemaScope).

Guest Comments

From:  "Bob LoVerme"

"This is a visually pleasing movie. The color and cinematography are excellent. There are lush green landscapes and brilliant blue seascapes. The acting by the cast is just fine. Even the lesser characters have some good lines. The script is comprehensible (some will say too simple), mostly believeable and even amusing at times. The film flows like a movie unlike some foreign films I have seen. The movie is sensual but not at all erotic by today's standards so some may find this disappointing. In fact the famous movie still, a top view of a nude Bardot lying on her back in bed covered only by a sheet between her legs and her lover's head on her chest, that was seen in magazines at the time of the movie's release is not in this version and perhaps was only a promotional ploy. Of all the movie actresses that I saw in my youth, Bardot in terms of physical appearance was by far the most impressive. And that impression was based on one movie alone - La Parisienne. At the time (1958), Bardot was to the movie screen what Mickey Mantle was to the basball diamond. Absolutely magnificent. So after so many years I finally saw the picture that launched Bardot into international stardom. Seeing Bardot again only confirms my first impression of her. She was a one-of-a-kind marvel. The following are some negatives aspects of this film. 1. The fight scenes are inept 2. There are very few close-up shots 3. The subtitles often disappear too quickly Memorable scenes 1. Bardot's tearful facial expression after being slapped to her senses by her husband following a sensual dance scene. 2. Bardot being chastised by her rich admirer for her irresponible use of a gun. 3. Bardot on the beach stepping on her lover's face. Memorable dialogue 1. With that mouth, you can have anything. (reference to Bardot's trademark pout). 2. Fine way to work (in reference to Bardot's nude sunbathing) 3. All the future does is spoil the present (Bardot) 4. I have had enough of this menagerie...Tomorrow the rabbit will be stew. (A reference to Bardot's beloved pets) 5. You better get use to sharing. (A comment to Bardot's new husband referring that Bardot won't be faithful to him). And God Created Woman may not be a four star movie but it has become a landmark film and has many worthy qualities."


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