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1-World Festival of Foreign Films
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We posed the question back in 1998...
"What has been the best foreign film of the 20th Century?"

Here is what guests have had to say....

From: "Geoffrey Myers"

"Time of the Gypsies" - Yugoslavia

"Kusturica's Time of the Gypsies is more than a film. It is an obsession that must be revisited. It is an unfulfilled dream will not release you drawing you back into Perhan's world so that you may try again to rectify it."

From: "Zaynab"

"Hate (La Haine)" - France

"That truly was a masterpiece. I loved this movie. It's overwhelmingly powerful. And no, I wouldn't compare it to "kids". The characters in "La haine" seemed to be leading their lives the way normal people would. Every event has consequences, choices are made and that's all there is to it in the core. But "kids" was showing a negative aspect of human nature, shockingly amongst "kids" in the first place. That was shocking. But La haine is about being there and making sense, simply, truly."

From: "Kirbz"

"Das Boot" - Germany

"This movie is just stellar from soup to nuts. I have the double directors cut and sprechen bischen deutsch so I love the deutsch language version. Having German U BOOT sailers speaking English... Well its heresy. This movie absorbs you: No matter how often you see it it enthralls you. All the cast is great. THere ia bully (but really a nice guy at heart) a rascal (number two - the elf) a bible reader... The people depicted are all real and come to life on screen. You can relate to them all.  This IS (what everyone always says) hands down the best submarine movie ever made and could possibly be the best war movie ever made. Its my favorite. Jurgen Prochnow and Herbert Groenemeyer are both great as is the whole cast. A classic-epochal delight is Das Boot. Dont just see it: I say buy it."

From: "Morli"

"Dogs in Space" - Australia

"This soundtrack is a must have for me. I love it."

From: "Sonia"

"Once Were Warriors" - New Zealand

"I'm in the Navy and never got to see a full movie due to the long hours of flying on aircraft carriers.  Near the end of my 1998 cruise I watched while it played in our office tv.  Flight ops were then over so my eyes caught the movie and then could not leave the set.  I was mesmerized and made sure I got the title at the end so I could watch it again if I ever remembered.  Although it was about 2 years later I remembered the movie clearly and the title as well that I went to look for it.  I've had many look at this movie and most cannot make it through the end due to the realism in the violence.  I've cried every single time that I could not stop watching when I got the chance.  Stationed in Puerto Rico for a couple of years I went a year renting it every Friday and watching it twice before returning it.  I even recited the movie word for word while at worked and everyone laughed.  It's my favorite movie even since the first time I caught half of it.  To this day I love it and got the soundtrack and DVD.  I'm now trying to get the sequel."

From:  "Eb Thomas"

"Fanny and Alexander" - Sweden

"Close runners-up include: The Seven Samurai, Amarcord, Grand Illusion".

From:  "Deidra Egan"

 "Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

"Explores the importance of film in 20th century life while also focusing on eternal themes of peace and war, love and loss, youth and age, hope, faith, poverty, class, materialism, power, sex, obsession-all the while bringing these themes back into the art of film."

From:  "Elaine Freeland"

"Andre Rublev" - Russia

"If not the best film of all times (a couple others might share the title), it is definitely and absolutely the best film about the Middle Ages ever made."

From:  "Stevo King"

"Children of Paradise" - France

From:  "Laura"

"City of God" - Brazil

From:  "eliona"

"The Scent of Green Papayas" - Vietnam

"it is so nice."

From:  "christian dorado"

"The Motorcycle Diaries" - Mexico

"it gives me more idea about che, its a great film, spectacular performance by gael."

From:  "R McCallum"

"The Wages of Fear" - France

From:  "alan crowe"

"Y Tu Mama Tambien" - Mexico

From:  "C. Smith"

"My Life as a Dog" - Sweden

From: "John Simpson"

"La Dolce Vita" - Italy

" It says everything, and obliges us to confront the question ""do we choose life or living death?"" Very close seconds:- "Death in Venice" and "Winter Light.""

From:  "dgrafing"

"The Wooden Man's Bride" - China

From:  "steve belsito"

"Umberto D." - Italy

From:  "Ian Stewart"

"Yeelen" - Senegal

"Director was Souleymane Cisse Best film for me because of its magical atmosphere and amazingly spacious use of time and silence - as well as the fascinating sound of three different African languages."

From:  "Myrella Lara"

"La Dolce Vita" - Italy

From:  "Joe"

"Celebration" - Denmark

"Gripping storyline from the very beginning. A roller-coaster ride of realistic portrayal. Definitely one of the best films I've ever seen!"

From:  "Niko"

"Y Tu Mama Tambien" - Mexico

"great example of mexican culture of all ages and aspects."

From:  "Pat Brophy"

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

From:  "?"

"My Mother's Castle" - France

From:  "?"

"City of God" - Brazil

From:  "Brian Fairbanks"

"Cinema Paradiso - the Director's Cut" - Italy

"It's the recent expanded edition that puts this one over the top."

From:  "Scott Boyd"

"Fanny and Alexander" - Sweden

From:  "Robert A. Mackie"

"Tous Les Matins Du Monde" - France

"Alain Corneau has made a masterpiece in cinematography. It is one of the most beautifully tragic works I've had the honor to see. It is film as Fine Art; a rara avis midst the milieu of prostitution and pandering to the idiot masses in the film industry ala Hollywood Box Office. A brilliant portrayal by both Depardieaux; an aesthetic achievement that will stand as a challenge for other ""filmmakers"" to follow if they have the courage which I doubt. It's always about the money. Thank you Monsieur Corneau for being the exception."

From:  "Ben"

"8 1/2" - Italy

"Fellini's 8th film is the greatest of his career."

From:  "Arthur"

"Burnt by the Sun" - Russia

From:  "Kevin"

"Landscape in the Mist" - Greece

"What an amazing film; powerful imagery; rich in pathos. A must see!"

From:  "Kay Fulgham"

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

From:  "Daniel Waugh"

"Battle Royale" - Japan

From:  "K K Sasha"

"Antonia's Line" - Denmark

"Lovely post WWII feminist film that accepts the simultaneous existance of both death & immortality through the ordinary life of a determined woman & the lovely matriarchy that unfolds from her simple determination to live her own life."

From:  "EDGARDO"

Hasards ou Coincedence (Chance or Coincidence)" - France

"A love story like no other. Very well acted, and a very touching plot. Watching classics like this makes you feel ""immersed"" and part of the movie. Saw it on the Sundance Channel, but unfortunately, I can't buy it anywhere here in the US. A ""MUST SEE"" for any foreign film buff."

From:  "Robert Lobell"

 "Seven Beauties" - Italy

"Opening 5 minutes is particularly impressive."

From:  "dustin rabjohn"

"Persona" - Sweden

"It's too good for words. Close behind is Winter Light also by Bergman. Also perhaps Aguirre, Wrath of God."

From:  "J-Dizzle"

"Seven Samurai" - Japan

From:  "Elizabeth Anderson"

"Time of the Gypsies" - Yugoslavia

From:  "A V"

"Rashomon" - Japan

From:  "Bautiste"

"Stalker" - Russia

"Best film ever made. By Andrei Tarkovsky, the best director ever. Rhe film's mixture of science fiction and spirituality grow in time as time unravels almost as though we are living the dearch with the charcaters for the meaning of something that may turn out to be nothing. The film is suffused with anxiety and beauty, and the Christ-like main character (Stalker) emanates innocence and suffering rarely captured on film."

From:  "Judy Dolan"

"Babette's Feast" - Denmark

From:  "steve"

"The Godfather Parts 1-3" - Italy / US

"Best film trilogy ...... convincing performances, no special effects needed, a great story line while also delivering a deeper underlying exploration of a mans conflict with his destiny which touches every one of us in this world - timeless epic."

From:  "Richard Bentley"

"Woman in the Dunes" - Japan

"A haunting, surreal film that took me into my inner soul."

From:  "parm"

"Stalker" - Russia

"This film changed my friends life. Very beutiful and emotional film about man."

From:  "Steven Richardson"

"Huozhe - To Live" - China

"A fantastic tale of man's first desire - to live. Well done by Chinese director Zhang Yimou".

From:  "Cynthia Ann"

"Fitzcarraldo" - Germany

"For some mysterious reason I think this film and the work of Werner Herzog has much to say to us regarding the issues we struggle with in our modern world society.
I would vote twice if I could.
I want to include the work of Peter Weir of Australia as my co-choice. His Tripoly and other amazingly diverse works, some domestic American productions such as Green Card and Dead Poets Society and the story of Flight 800, are all equally thought-provoking and force us to confront the questions of being a world society.
Thanks for asking for my vote."

From:  "Joel Castro"

"Fellini 8 1/2" - Italy

"The movies as art, as they always should be."

From:  "?"

"Brassed Off" - Great Britain

"I thought it was an excellent movie and would recommend it to anyone. The climax was very moving, Peter Postlewaite acting is superb. I really don,t understand I never heard of him until 5 years(maybe) ago."

From:  "Ken Shulman"

"Rome Open City" - Italy

"Harsh, tender, rough, moving, and totally void of sentiment. There is no better film then Roma Citta Aperta."

From:  "?"

"Romper Stomper" - Australia

" The final gang battle between the vietnamese and the nazi skin heads reminded me of war stories from Korea I read as a child. The vietnamese kept coming and coming more and more while the skinheads heavily outnumbered kept falling back and getting picked off one by one until you wondered it anyone would survive. I did however find the vietnmese to be alot more sympathetic then the ccf. "

From:  "Michele Schaffer"  

"The Bicycle Thieves" -  Italy

From:  "M.A. Car"  

"El Topo" - Mexico

"Maybe the most real unreal western ever made. Surely the strangest.
Or ANYTHING by Werner Herzog (with Klaus Kinski) or by Akira Kurosawa.
I can't narrow it down more than that."

From "Julie South"  

"Seven Samurai" - Japan

"Kurasawa, the inspiration for so many great directors, and Seven Samurai, the inspiration for so many great movies!!!"

From: "Maribel Diana Murillo"  


"Professional at every level of directing (Krsysztof Kieslowski), cinematography, screenwriting, acting and of course the soundtrack."

From:  "Fatima Murillo"  

"Red" - French-Swiss-Polish

From:  "Jason Brown"  

"The Seventh Seal" - Sweden

From: "Poodle Princess" 

"Life is Beautiful" - Italy

From: "David Medlar"

"The Seventh Seal" - Sweden

"This early Bergman film provided audiences with a cinematic experience as close as possible to reading a great work of literature. Bergman was not afraid to put into his films very personal and abstract concepts and proved that it could work in the medium of film. "

From:  "Ronald M. Isaacs"

"Les Enfants du Paradis" - France

From:  "Harbour Winn" 

"Tokyo Story" - Japan

From:  "Melanie O'Brien" 

"Les 400 coups" - France

From:  "Mike Krebs"

"King of Hearts" - France

From:  "Labriel Olvrette"

"Once Upon a time in the West" - Italy
"Leone's masterpiece. A unique film, both in photography and storytelling."

From:  "jpjames"

"Fanny and Alexander" - Sweden

"one of the most magical films ever made!"

From:  "Collin"

"Stalker" - Russia

"Andrei Tarkovsky was the best, and most unrecognized director of this century."

From:  "Penelope Vilela"

"Seven Samurai" - Japan

From:  "hans rosenquist"  

"Yol" - Turkey

"directed by serif coren and Yilmaz Guney"

From:  "felix rizo"

"Fellini's Amacord" - Italy

From:   "Fritz Buckallew" 

"Landscape in the Mist" - Greece

From: "Andrew Gach"

"The Seven Samurai" - Japan

From:  "Linda Borrelli"  

"Life is Beautiful" - Italy
"The content was brilliant, and the acting superb. The child was captivatingly natural. Thank you for your great work."

From:  "Jim Broutzos"

"The Nights of Cabiria" - Italy

From:  "Danya Livneh"

"Life is Beautiful" - Italy

From:  "yamamoto nicolucci altman"

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

"Realistic, Passionate, Human."

From:  "A. Simler"

"Three Colors: Red" - France/Switzerland

"About as perfect as a film can get. Every element of the film (sound, color, music, acting, photography, ect) serve to illustrate the abstract concept of fraternity. Brilliant, brilliant film from a towering figure of the world cinema. The Dekalog is also a contender for the title as well."

From:  "John N."

"The Sweet Hereafter" - Canada

From:  "?"

"Trainspotting" - Great Britain

"It's intelligent, funny, and fast paced. It's also the most honest movie I think I've seen in a long time."

From:  "Ricardo Pardell"

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy 

From:  "M. S. Paul"

"Seven Samurai" - Japan 

From:  "Stephanie Sand"

"Seven Samurai" - Japan

"I never get tired of Akira's remakable films. If I am forced to choose it would have to be the "Seven Samurai". "Yojimbo" is a close second. (No Japanese double meaning intended)."

From:  "Anthony Carr"

"Seven Beauties" - Italy

From:  "A.M. Burela"

"1900" - Italy

From:  "Ricardo Grifo Borges da Silva"

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

From:  "Hisham Elkoustaf"

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

From:  "Stephen Monty"

"Life is Beautiful" - Italy

From:  "Randall Riese"

"La Strada" - Italy

"Fellini at his most evocative."

From:  "marcus field"

"My Life as a Dog" - Sweden

"Funny sad and perfectly likely. A wonderful insight into growing up in the

From:  "jennifer roy"

"Under the Domin Tree" - Israel

"An emotionally wrenching top notch film with superb young actors about a post holocaust orphange, and the relationships of the young adults living there."

From:  "Papia Ghoshal"

"Ajantrik" - India

"masterpiece from the greatest Indian film maker .... Ritwik Ghatak. A film unparallel in the history of film making."

From:  "Hannah Thompson"

"Life is Beautiful" - Italy

"the title speaks for itself"

From:  "Aaron Duncan"

"La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc / The Passion of Joan of Arc" - France

"In 1928 Carl Theodor Dreyer wrote and directed the greatest piece of dramatic energy in the twentieth century.  At 77 minutes it is a perpetual motion machine of emotion. From black and white frame one to title card ""THE END"" it does not let up or give us, the audience, a chance to gasp for air. The performance by Renee Maria Falconetti in the role as Joan of Arc is the most dynamic, dramatic, riveting and important pulled off by any actor male or female of this century. Nothing equals this film, nothing touches this film, nothing is near this film and it is silent.  Screen credit was also given to Joseph Delteil for screenplay but his material was not used.  Rudolph Mate takes credit for a claustrophobic cinematography unrivaled in use of close-ups. Dreyer himself is credited for Editing the break-neck pace narrative of which modern overblown epics could learn from.  Simply the best foreign film ever made, simply the best thing on film ever. If a nuclear war broke out tomorrow and only one movie was left to future generations... ..This would be it."

From:  "Joba Marechal"

"My Life as a Dog" - Sweden

From:  "Rhabyn"

"A Sunday in the Country" - France

"By one of the most consistantly interesting directors in the world, Bertrand Tavernier. A Renoir painting in motion, this film offers an exquisitely detailed look at "La belle epoche", the elegant and idyllic period at the beginning of this century. The film is a visionary masterpiece portraying the end of one era and the beginning of another. As we approach the next century with apprehension, it is most important to remember our perspectives during the last turn of the century to help guide us to a saner world."

From:  "Emilia"

"Women on the Verge of A Nervous Breakdown" - Spain

"Funny to the point of being absurd. Carmen Maura at her best...and Antonio Banderas as the perfect nerd!"

From:  "June Cristhy"

"Central Station" - Brazil

From:  "Jo Frangou"

"La Maman et La Putain" - France (1973)   Jean Eustace

"Voted the best French film of the seventies, in my opinion it is the best film ever."

From:  "Carlton Flores"

"Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands" - Brazil

"Funny ,sensual and good plot."

From:  "Stu"

"Fellini's 8 1/2 " - Italy

From:  "jacob hovind"

"persona" - Sweden

"by far the greatest film ever made, jean-luc godard's week-end would be a close second choice"

From:  "randy wareham"

"avita" - Spain

From:  "No name"

"The Wall" - Turkey

"Yilmaz Guney was a wonderful director,poet and a beautiful person, who loved his people and worked for a better world in the name of socialism, liberty and peace.
Even though winning in Cannes, because of his country he lies in Paris now"

From:  "Marci Nicole"

"The Seventh Seal" - Sweden

From:  "ray"

"Seventh Seal" - Sweden

"simply the most powerful film that explores the greatest questions in life. the cinematography is splendid- the scene with the knight playing chess with death"

From:  "Kelly Kantz"

"Cinema Paradisio" - Italy

"This is the best movie I have ever seen. The end is just too touching to be believed."

From:  "Cable Steinemann"

"La Dolce Vita" - Italy

From: "Irina Rodriguez"

"The 400 Blows" - France

"Simply and utterly the greatest film I have ever seen."

From:  "T Murphy"

"Aguirre: The Wrath of God" - Germany

"The most powerful film ever made."

From:  "Maria"

"Il Postino" - ITALY

"It was tough to choose between Il Postino, Cinema Paradiso, Bicycle Thieves, and Life is Beautiful (all Italian films). But I pick Il Postino. Massimo Troisi was brilliant. It is a must see, along with the other films I mentioned."

From:  "Dan Griffith"

"Seven Samurai" - Japan

"Seven Samurai is a complete, well rounded movie entirely satisfying in all it's parts. It is a cruel thing to ask a person to name only one great film. How about Battleship Potemkin,The Searchers,Yojimbo,Alexander Nevsky, Last Tango in Paris?"

From:  "Jack Latheman

"La Jetée" - France

"Only 28 minutes long, made with black & white still photographs and a single narrator voiceover, and STILL the best bit of storytelling ever done with film. Honorable mention to Yol (Turkey / Switzerland / France), Wings of Desire (West Germany / France), Fireworks [Hana-bi] (Japan), and Year of the Quiet Sun [Rok spokojnego slonca] (Poland / Germany)."

From:  "Peter"

Rififi" - France

"Gangsters survive by their wits, as do great gangster films."

From:  "Han Verlinden"

"Burnt by the Sun" - Russia

"Very much surprised not to find this jewel among the mentioned all time favorites! It's a great example of supurb Russian filmmakng. The Russians have a specific poetic feel for film as art form. A film about the mystery of love and with one of the most profound scenes about human sexuality ever in film history."

From:  "vince"

"like water like chocolate" - Mexico

From:  "Slobodan Drenovac"

"Underground" - Yugoslavia

"This film by Emir Kusturica is my choice. The runnner-up would be Life is Beautiful"

From:  "c flores"

"donna flor and her two husbands" - brazil

From:  "mitch prusin"

"M" - Germany"

From:  "Mike Jumic"

"La Dolce Vita" - Italy

"It made me cry, Fellini challenges us not by giving us a puzzle to decode, but by giving us a story and asking us to write the ending by the way we live our lives. makes me want to fight, gives me something to die for."

From:  "James"

"Like Water for Chocolate" - Mexico

From:  "338 church Road"

"Dokter Pulder Zaait Papavers" - The Netherlands

"This is a wonderful movie. Very touching. Kees Brusse en Dorra Groen are just Great. Good story, good acting, everything is good about this movie. Must be seen in the original language."

From:  "Victoria DeCesare"

"Last Tango In Paris" - Italy/France

"This film represents the pinnacle of Bernardo Bertolucci's genius, which unfortunately did not carry over to most of his later films. With its reference to myth, Freud, the cinema, and literature Last Tango In Paris is a testament to the frality of human psyche. Brando was brilliant in the quasi-autobiographical role of Paul. Vittorio Storaro's cinematography is breathtaking to watch."

From:  "Michael Campbell"

"Night of the Shooting Stars" - Italy

"A dreamlike and wonderful film. Should not be missed by any film fan."

From:  "Theo Lukkezen"

"M" - Germany

"Fritz Lang's first talkie is a haunting and poetic masterpiece.  The police and criminals are both hunting down the child murderer Peter Lorre. Lorre with his wide open eyes gives the performance of his life.  Lang's moving camera and use of parallel editing are unsurpassable."

From:  "jennifer"

"my life as a dog" - sweden

From:  "Janet Bernice"

"Cinema Paridiso" - Italian

"A great film about film and how it effects the human heart and psyche, and in this case, effected a whole country as the boy grows up to be a filmmaker."

From:  "adnane "

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

"the most beautiful movie never done for the cinema"

From:  "Rogers "

"Sansho the Bailiff" - Japan

"Sublime. Transcendental."

From:  "338 church Road"

"De Aanslag" - The Netherlands

"This is a wonderful movie. Very touching. Harry Mulishs' story about world war II. Good story, good acting, everything is good about this movie. Nobody can act like Johnny Kraaikamp. Wat een goede acteur. Must be seen in the original language."

From:  "Jenny"

"Kissed" - Canada

"This is movie is the best of this kind, very elegantly shot."

From:  "Anup Varghese Kurian"

"Mirror" by Tarkovsky - Russia

"It is a film makers film. The first time I saw Mirror, I didn't understand anything, but I wanted to see that again and even now after seeing it more than five times I don't understand anything, but still want to see it again. It is like reading Dostoevsky. A close second would be Satyajit Ray's Apur Sansar, Charulata and Ritwick Ghataks Ajantrik."

From:  "Kurasawa fan"

"Dersu Uzala" - Russia

"This is a magnificent film not only about friendship, but about nature and how we interact with the living world. I highly recommend this film. Once again, Kurasawa has outdone himself!"

From:  "David"

"Mediterraneo" - Italia

"I love this movie, but I have many favorites...Raise The Red Lantern, China...Como Agua Para Chocolate, Mexico...ChungKing Express, HongKong...Il Mostro, Italy.. Johnny Stecchino, Italy...just to name a few"

From:  "benjamin "

"Underground" or "The Story of a Country" - Formerly Yugoslavia

"Great film about the plight of a country from facist opression during nazi europe to nationalism finally breaking up the country in 1992, a great comedy thrown into a great story"


"Life is Beautiful" - Italy

From:  "Anonymous"

"Beautiful Thing" - England

From:  "marla balance"

"Life Is Beautiful" - Italy

From:  "Dana Timm"

"The Passion of Joan of Arc" - France

"The most amazing and haunting imagery ever commited to film, these images will stay with me forever, I hope!"

From:  "Richard Twigg"

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

"Storyline, music by Ennio Morricone, performances all first rate. Endearing story near wears thin."

From:  "Jay Paranjpe"

"The 400 Blows" - France

From:  "Jim Haas"

"The Tin Drum" - Germany

From:  "christina ho"

"like water for chocolate" - mexico

From:  "Rafael"

"Tampopo" - Japan

"Here you have it all - food,sex,movies and more of life's simple pleasures and needs - masterfully rendered by Itami for joyous entertainment and memorable cinema."

From:  "Joe Stokes"

"8 1/2" - Italy

"I recall the impact this one had on me. I was an ART student in college at the time.A few other films had a siimilar impact- Fanny and Alexander,Aguirre,The Seventh Seal,The Seven Samaurai,Stalker,The Element of Crime,Juliet of the Spirits.   But 8 1/2 was essentially and metaphorically my story as well and resonated deeply with my developing creative and artistic life."

From:  "Yiannis (John) VALSAMIDIS"

"A Clockwork Orange" - Great Britain

From:  "Kim"

"Stalingrad" - Germany

From:  "Maleficent"

"Queen Margot" - France

From:  "Stephen H. Cowles"

"Like Water for Chocolate" - Mexico

"Glad there's not a gun at my head for this question. I chose "Like Water" because it's one of the few foreign films in my recent memory that stand out -- it has a supernatural aspect, exotic look (people, landscape, period setting), a love story, conflict, and sympathetic characters.  I had considered, in stark contrast, Werner Herzog's "Fitzcarraldo" (monumental), Three other candidates, "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" (still utterly creepy) and "Nosferatu" by F.W. Murneau and Herzog."

From:  "Nina"

"Umberto D and La Strada" - Italy

"I wish they would play these films more often on the Bravo channel. I would love to see them!!"

From:  "mjl"

"Where Is My Friend's House?" - Iran

"Kiarostami is one of those top-drawer directors whom no-one ever hears about, unlike the Welles, Ozus, Dreyers etc who represent for me a sort of mainstream. I'd see anything by Kiarostami: he provides the viewer with a lesson in filmmaking with every new film. See his 'And Life Goes On', too, if you can, as the two films belong together and are about the same people and places - separated by the disaster of an earthquake. 'And Life Goes On' includes a most interesting lesson on how to end a film."

From:  "mitsu"

"Ulysses' Gaze" - Greece

"A lyrical and visually tour de force film about the Bosnian war told through a stream of consciousness."

From:  "Stephanie MCDonald"

"Raise the Red Lantern" - Hong Kong

"This film is entertaining to any viewer rather their they speak Chinese (which I do not) or not. It is a film that women, especially can identify with. It is also a lesson in Chinese history for those of us who are interested. Gong Li and Songlian is a magnificent actress and I am pleased to be able to see her in many other more movies, including the recently released on video, ""Chinese Box"" with Jeremy Irons."

From:  "Michelle Gallo"

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

"This is a beautiful film about friendship between a young boy and an old man. The film shows how age has nothing to do with happiness. The story is sweet and simple. It made me laugh, cry, and it even made me angry. This is the best movie of the 20th century!"

From:  "Brian DeVincenzi"

"Ran" - Japan

"Kurosawa meets Shakespeare, need more be said?"

From:  "miguel"

"Hard Days' Night" - England

"The Beatles are the stars of the film, is in black and white"

From: "Ann-Marie"

"Shall we Dance" - Japan

From:  Anonymous

"The Rules of the Game" - France

From:  "eli evans"

"Alphaville" - France

From:  "John Drodow"

"Grande Illusion" - France

"A great masterpiece and a very accessable foreign film for american audiences"

From:  "Edward Elkind"

"Zentropa" - Denmark

"The brilliant work of one of the greatest directors of all times Lars Von Trier."

From:  "stephanie"

"The Bicycle Thief" - Italy

From:  "Madelane"

"Hiroshima mon amour" - France

"Great camera works. An Artistic combination of pictures, sound, and dialogues.An engaging drama."

From:  "mike staszkiw"

"My Life as a Dog" - Sweden

From:  "Anonymous"

"the seventh seal" - Sweden

"a master's masterpiece"

From:  "Nina"

"Romper Stomper" - Australia

From:  "Max Totten"

"Amarcord" - Italy

"Well.... It's just Fellini! In fact this is a hard question! however if any of the films of Federico Fellini is not in this category, then there is no god!"

From:  "Michael Sexson"

"8 1/2" - Italy

From:  "omar fuentes"

"The 400 blows" - france

"a famous movie director once said: ""A great movie is that one that once you've finished to watch, you are not the same person any more""   The 400 blows was THAT movie for me, 40 years ago."

From:  "mitzie saunders"

"Besieged" - Italy

From:  "Alan Pavelin"

"The Sacrifice" - Sweden

"Tarkovsky's final testament, a majestic masterpiece about how we must discover our purpose in life and act upon it in faith, even though it makes us a ""holy fool"" in others' eyes. Rich in ambiguity, with several dream sequences, there are at least 4 possible interpretations of ""what happens"" in the story."

From:  "Partha Sur"

"Pather Panchali" - India

"Satyajit Ray's first movie and his masterpiece - about rural India - with regard to drama, ambience, character development, music and Kurosawa like cinematography."

From:  "Heather M. Schmaedeke"

"Metropolis" - Germany

"I am especially partial to the contemporary version that was done by Giorgio Moroder.  I think that the theme and the sets were just so beyond their time. It's amazing how relevant that movie still is today. I can't watch that movie too many times."

From:  "Vincent Mejii"

"Happy Together" -  China

"This wonderful and poignant masterpiece of Chungking Express director Wong Kar-Wai is the best foreign movie I have ever seen so far. The actors, Tony Leung and Leslie Cheung gave an astounding performance as a gay couple who can't live with or without each other. The artistically charged scenes and the almost black and white poetic images are well directed. Even though the title is odd for this movie and it makes you think why is it titled that way--it all makes sense at the final scene..I know that this movie is gay oriented and that a lot of people may have not seen and heard about it, it is all worth the time to watch it with an OPEN mind."

From:  "John Daniel Cesena"

"Life is Beautiful" - Italy

"It is a great movie because it combines comedy and drama together."

From:  "rachel boyle"

"Children of Nature" - Iceland

From:  "Som"

"Rashomon" - Japan"

"A view on truth and justice that will never make me see truth and justice in the same light, if great movies can change the way you look at the world, than this is one for the ages."

From:  "lcampbel"

"Central Station" - Brasil

From:  "mbz"

"pretty village, pretty flame" - Yugoslavia

"Powerful and True."

From:  "Robert P. Davenport II"

"Rashomon" - Japan

"Although this film is actually older then I am I found it to be quite incredible.   The concepts of fidelity, cowardice, fear, courage, honor, and regret blended together in a compelling fashion that communicates across cultures and the four decades since Akira Kurosawa first captured this brilliant Toshiro Mifune performance."

From:  "Steve Mingo"

"Ran" - Japan

"Incandescent!  Visually stunning and translates to other languages effortlessly."

From:  "Linda A. Griesi"

"Life is Beautiful" - Italy

"I believe this is one of the most important and sensitive films of the century. I have seen it 3 times and can't wait to own it I just hope they do not dub this important film but keep it's sub titles!"

From:  "S. Leach"

"L'Atalante" - France

"This short, simple film is the most seamless, dreamlike movie I've ever seen. Close runners-up include "Nights of Cabiria", and several other Fellinis, and "The Exterminating Angel", and several other Bunuels."

From:  "M. V."

"Seven Samurai" - Japan

From:  "siera"

"The Monster" - Italy

"Increasingly the most hilarious flic I have ever feasted on."

From:  "Armantini"

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

"Beautiful, sensual, touching movies ever seen."

From:  "Athidul K."

"The Big Blue" - France

"Beautiful story !!!"

From:  "Aarti Patel"

"Raise the Red Lantern" - China

"Zhang Yimou's direction is, as always, stunning. A visually scrumptuous's a sexy film, if not necessarily for explicit scenes, then for its wonderful use of color and lighting. The way the camera lens makes love to the main actress, Gong Li,(incredible in her own right), allows the viewer to love her and, in the end, be stricken down for that attachment. I highly recommend this to anyone!"

From:  "Bill Artola"

"Black Orpheus" - Brazil

"A truly timeless greek tragedy set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (circa late fifties). Supense, true love, amazing cinematography (the first scene of 200+ Brazilians dancing and singing on a crowded ferry boat sets the mood), haunting music (the world's first taste of bossa nova), incredible dance sequences of Carnaval, vaudeville-esque comedy, supernatural possesion and Satan as a very scary samba dancer (what more could you ask for?!)"

From:  "Jared Rapfogel"

"Night of the Shooting Stars" - Italy

"The greatest movie by the Taviani brothers, two of the greatest filmmakers still working. An amazing experience--contains scenes as shattering, and others as joyful, as any ever filmed. The brothers aren't afraid to use stylization and fantasy to reach past the limitations of realism."

From:  "Charlet Wang"

"Indochine" - France




From:  "M.C. Gutscher"

"Life Is Beautiful" - Italy

"Watched it seven months ago and the scenes are still with me.  If they don't leave soon I'll seek help. :)"

From:  "Jeff"

"Notes for an African Orestes" - Italy

" Great Documentary by Pier Paulo Pasolini that I first saw in a film class. Kudos to the several of the film's lush black and white segments, as they make up an incredible 75 minute work of social commentary "

From:  "Shevonne"

"Por Agua para Chocolate" - Mexico

From:  "Carol Schneider"

"Indocine" - France

From:  "Stanley Post"

"L' Argent" - France

"I dont think anyone can say which film is ""best"" but this Robert Bresson masterpiece comes closer to the concept of "pure cinema" than any I've seen."

From:  "Dave"

"Breathless" - France

"Jean Luc Godard last of The French New Wave."

From:  "Michael Burns"

"Pather Panchali" - India

"Makes me cry every time I see it..and not because I am sad but the joy of watching something so beautiful is rare and has not been provided in the cinema medium so far for me."

From:  "Jeffrey Dollinger"

"Breathless" - France

"It would be hard to find a film that has had more impact on film-making in the late Twentieth-Century than Godard's original masterpiece. Un-traditional editing, pacing, dialogue and narrative provided healthy fodder for directors around the world to find a new way of making films."

From:  "Marco Garbi"

"Zorro" - Italy and Spain

From:  "jamie ludwig"

"Antonia's Line" - The Netherlands

From:  "Ludmilla"

"Un Homme et Une Femme" - France

"Romance: bittersweet, tender, intriguing, passionate! Claude Lelouche's direction is flawless. The music: Francais Lai at his best! Anouk Aimee and Jean-Louis Trintignant meet and bring dimensions to the boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-gets-girl story which bring tears to my eyes still after 33 years."

From:  "S.Dalpé"

"Ponette" - France

"Victoire Thivisol's breathtakingly honest portrayal of a child's experience of death, is in my opinion, the best film of the 20th century. It will astonish with it's stark realism of the point of view of one young girl whose life was ripped apart by the loss of her mother, and her struggle to come to terms with the implications. Victoire accurately and convincingly conveys Ponette's intense grief and battle to understand and come to terms with her loss, and to find meaning in a world without her mother in it, the meaning of death, and God. All the child actors turn in an amazing performance. A film that truly stands out from all others! "

From:  "Richard Townsend"

"The Rules of the Game" - France

From:  "Siddharth Suryanarayan"

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

"a film that touches without stereotype. it reaches out to the film lover in all of us and tells you that in life like in film, there is no such thing as unnecessary. everything happens for a reason and always will."

From:  "Amit Virmani"

"Wings of Desire" - Gemany

From:  "M Bradshaw"

"Seven Samurai" - Japan

"The greatest foreign film in history may well be in the top 2 or 3 ever..."

From:  "dstranc"

"Central Station" - Brazil

"Brilliant in its timing."

From:  "Tuncay"

"Yol" - Turkey

From:  "Jacques from Moncton"

"Contempt" - France

"today my favorite film is Contempt because it is the sadest film I have ever seen. the soundtrack is a drowning melancoly that is haunting and stays with you is Godard's masterpiece and a visually stunning film. how about Brigitte Bardot!!!!!"

From:  "john lars"

"Juliet of the Spirits" - Italy

"Juliet" opened my eyes to what Film can be.  I went back to see it the following 4 nights to absorb its rich and surreal qualities. Its feminist theme was light years its time, and Fellini's ample use of color captured the zeitgeist of the 60's.   Also, it was my introduction to Federico Fellini, The Master.  A very close second would be "Amarcord".

From:  "Jimmy Burr"

"Life is Beautiful" - Italy

From:  "Jonathan Piddington"

"8 1/2" - Italy

"A perfect match of form and content. What other film tells us so much about the relationship between art and artist. With so much of Art Studies (especially literature) bogged down in the relationship between Art and Politics, this film rips open the connection between Art and Artist's psychology. As the marriage breaks down, so does his ability to make his film; or, as he can't cope with life, he can't create art. Of course, Marcello is gripping and holds our attention all the time! I could talk for quite a while about this great film!"

From:  "tony rich"

"two women" - italy

"sofia loren at her best, a close 2nd, seventh seal followed by twenty-four eyes (Japan"

From:  "Melanie"

"The Seventh Seal" - Sweden

From:  "Gary Amdahl"

"Andrei Rublev" - Russia

From:  "Giles Laroche"

"Apu Trilogy" - India

"also "The Music Room", "Devi", and "Two Daughters""

From:  "Gregoire Colin"

"Olivier, Olivier" - France

From:  "Earl"

"Seven Samurai" - Japan

"It is certainly most unfair to ask for just one movie given the different genres, technical equipment available at the time, etc. etc. However, if I were cryogenically frozen for about 20 years and wanted to thaw out a bit, the first movie I would request is the archetypically perfect Seven Samurai."

From:  "mambo"

"Persona" - Sweden

"Not just best foreign. The best."

From:  "Brian Walter"

"Pelle the Conqueror" - Sweden

From:  "Jock Keel"

"Seven Beauties" - Italy

"The ultimate commentary on war, Lina Wertmuller's masterpiece starred the superb Giancarlo Giannini at the height of his powers as a sensualist. The film exists on several levels masterly portrayed via flashback and irony."

From:  "David Watts"

"The Eighth Day" - Belgium

"Daniel Aucoin is pound per pound the greatest actor on earth. Doesn't have to say a word. His non verbal expressiveness is worth thousands of words"

From:  "Mad Diary","Russian"

"Pretty Village, Pretty Flame" - Yugoslavia

From:  "Michael McLaughlin"

"Children of Paradise" - France

"More conventional than a number of my other favorites, but the characterizations are superb as is the dialgue. Everyone on the planet probably has (or should have been) involved with characters such as these. Utterly romantic, as well!"

From:  "Lisa Capella"

"Battleship Potempkin" - USSR

"Flawless direction."

From:  "George Tetsel"

"La Dolce Vita" - Italy

"Fellini is the master, and this is his best. Very close seconds go to The Bicycle Thief, Seven Samurai and The Seventh Seal."

From:  "erth from India"


From:  "Daniel Lao Davila"

"La Vita é Bella" - Italy

From:  "Jim McCann"

"Les Enfants du Paradis" - France

From:  "Mona da Vinci"

"The Red Desert" - Italy

"The Red Desert," (1964), directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, addresses and sums up with great philosophical, psychological, historical and aesthetic mastery, all of the relevant and crucial questions, issues, and concerns of 20th century humanity.

From:  "david"

"underground" - Yugoslavia

From:  "alex"

"Indochine" - France

"One of the best love stories ever told. It is probably not THE best film of the century, but it definitely is a good one (I say this even though I do not particularly like Catherine Deneuve). The director deserves special award for being able not to turn a tragic and romantic story into a pathetic one. Other good movies - in my humble opinion - include ""Chung King Express"" (Hong Kong), ""Mediterraneo"" (Italy), ""Olivier, Olivier"" (France), ""Burnt By the Sun"" (Russia), ""My Life As a Dog"" (Sweden), ""Europa, Europa"" (Poland-France), ""White"" (Poland), ""Window to Paris"" (Russia)."

From:  "Patti J"

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

"I don't think there is such a thing as the ""BEST"" one picture. Maybe you should ask for the top 5 since there are so many different subjects, etc. However, having seen over 150 foreign films in the last 40 years, I believe Cinema Paradiso really evokes a timelessness, a simple but boundless visuality and an unequaled humanity in one picture. It was cinema at its best: stripped to the bare essence in its simplicity of place, but incredibly rich in the subtlety of its characterizations through minimal conversation and the talent of the director and camerapeople. Close behind for me is Diva - excellent avant-garde script, settings and actors. French cinema at its most interesting. Also a close contender - Fitzcarraldo. Powerful, interesting, different, great photography. After that - French comedies - no one does it better than the French. But, no matter where you come from, try to see foreign movies. They really give you something to think about."

From:  "Stephen Linsley"

"Ran" - Japan

From:  "Aaron Neidich"

"The 400 Blows" - France


From:  "Owen Lau"

"Cinema Paradisio" - Italy

"A brilliant film about the increasing boldness of film to show sexuality. It is also an excellent piece on friendship, love, ambition, filial responsibilities, and the important things in life. The gamut of emotions this film makes the viewer feel is wonderful in itself."

From:  "Michael Krieger"

"Potemkin (Battleship Potemkin)" - U.S.S.R.

"Eisenstein; montage; Odessa steps. Need I say more?"

From:  "Charles Coughlan"

"Fanny and Alexander" - Sweden

"Christmas is coming and I would like to recommend a video to you that seems especially appropriate for this time of year. I have watched it at least 20 times and it still charms and haunts me. It may provide one tiny fragment of understanding of some of the roots of this astonishing western culture in which we are all so fatally immersed. It is of course, Ingmar Bergman's ""Fanny and Alexander"". It is a rather long film but not a moment wasted, a good measure of death and insanity, but a good deal of warmth and hilarity as well. The cinematography and the set design are an absolutely stunning combination as well, so a decent TV set is to be preferred, but whatever set you have, do see it. Get the subtitled version as opposed to the dubbed or voice-over one. It was filmed in Swedish and the voice inflections and expressiveness of the language I feel are worth the bother of subtitles. If you do manage to see it I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I have and for as long as I have." 

From:  "Andrés"

"Blue" - Poland

From:  "predrag pesic"

"Underground" - Serbia

"great film from start just press play and watch you will be amased by the reality of the comedy."

From:  "Chris Jones"

"The Idiots" - Denmark

From:  "Ben"

"Jules and Jim" - France

From:  "Rob Rutherford"

"Wings of Desire" - Germany

From:  "David Fox"

"Contempt" - France

From:  "lois cole"

"The Celebration" - Denmark

From:  "j.. l. carter"

"querelle" - Germany

From:  "Yvonne"

"La Strada" - Italy

From:  "deb"

"Hideous Kinky" - Great Britain

"beautiful cinematography, captures a culture and an era wonderfully.  plus,a very poignant love story."

From:  "Elizabeth Richardson"

"Breathless" - France

From:  "Steve Mingo"

"Ran" - Japan

From:  "pritesh"

"Andaza" - India

From:  "Beau Fay"

"Man Bites Dog"  "C'est arrive pres de chez vous" - Belgium

"Greatest movie ever"

From:  "Virginia Carrizo"

"Les Unes et Les autres" - France

From:  "mitzie saunders"

"Besieged" - italy

From:  "?"

"City of Lost Children" - France

"simply amazing visuals."

From:  "Lisa Corrado"

"Life is Beautiful" and "Eternal Return" - Italy and France

From:  "Milu Aman"

"A Man And An Woman" - French

"Cause all the rest of great love stories followed this."

From:  "Jorge J. Torres"

"My Twentieth Century" - Hungary

"A visual feast that swallows you whole from its first frame. Summarizes the 20th century as an era where technology's progress surpasses our spiritual ambition. Also works as the ultimate subconcious tribute to the beautiful and talented Gish twins."

From:  "robert thompson"

"The Rules of the Game" - France

From:  "Jessica"

"Antonia's Line" - Netherlands

"Balanced and brilliant! Absorbing, delightful and touching."

From:  "Cecille Fajardo" - "Philippines"

"Life is Beautiful" - Italy 

"I saw in the film the power of humor and imagination amidst a chaotic world. Benigni transcended the film into one that is hopeful, romantic and comical."

From:  "karlsa"

"Babette's Feast" - Denmark

"Maybe not the ""best,"" but a wonderful story told with gentle elegance."

From:  "edwin munoz"

"Bitter Sugar" - Cuba

"the film portrays the problems of a young communist who discovers the reality of modern day Cuba through the eyes of his lover, family, and eventually himself. Perhaps my favorite movie, along w/ the joy luck club and papillon, of all time. "

From:  "E Skerrett"

"Three Colours Blue" - France

"Three colours blue explores grief, jealousy and fredom. Julia (Binoche) finds herself in a world where she can do what she wants. It provokes laughter and sadness in the viewer, the dialogue is supurb - it's selective and as a result every moment is awaited by the viewer. There are no amazing effects excpet the use of lighting, that is blue shows coldness and death and the music is so vigourous you can feel it.  It's an excellent film and Kieslowski lives on to be a genius through his films."

From:  "Michael Kellogg"

"To Live" - China

"Outstanding presentation of a young couples trials and tribulations in an effort to survive the turmoil of pre and post World War Two Mainland China. The development of the characters, from their youth to the old age, was unusally well done. The actors were very powerful, and at all times believable in their portrayal of two simple souls, just trying to stay alive, and keep their children alive, in a changing and turbulent society. This film truly shows how much alike we are inside, no matter what our nationality, or what are cultures have ingrained in us."

From:  "Trientjie"

"Like Water for Chocolate" - Mexico

From:  "Antonio"

"Open Your Eyes" - Dominican Republic

"Oscar worthy in every aspect from acting to writing, directing and beyond..."

From:  "Prairie Markussen"

"Indochine" - France

From:  "lucy kitchin"

"The Seventh Seal" - Sweden

"Bergman - enough said."

From:  "tuba guveli"

"Time of the gypsies" - Yugoslavia

From:  "Jordan"

"The Underground" 

From:  "AngelikiS"

"Travelling Players" - Greece

From:  "radarlove

"Amacord" - Italy

From:  "A.Kerim Kehribar"


From:  "Pat"

"Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie" - France

From:  "Peter Brooks"

"Mon Oncle D' Amerique" - France

"Tarkovsky or Fellini Best Directors."

From:  "S'Hane"

"Masculine Feminine" - France

From:  "Brad Kimbrough"

"The Rules of the Game" - France

"On the eve of WWII, Renoir directed his finest film, on love, death and the suicidal upper-class habits that ultimately apply to all people. Ignorance is not bliss, masks are not impenetrable. Watch and learn."

From:  "Diane"

"Pelle the Conquerer"  - Norway

From:  "unspiek"

"Yojimbo" - Japan

"Kurosawa created so many masterpieces! I thought "Yojimbo" deserved at least one vote here, [the film gave rise to a whole subgenre, after all,] but I could have picked almost any one of his films."

From:  "Jacquelyn Deal"

"My Life in Pink" - Belgium

From:  "av"

"Children of Heaven" - Iran

"Unbelievably touching, spiritual, and beautiful. Every line in that movie is a lesson to be learned. Movies from Iran always teach you something about life. They also make you see life in a different way. "Cinema Paradiso" from Italy was also amazing."

From:  "John Baker"

"The Passion of Joan of Arc" - France

"The greatest piece of poetry ever put on film."

From:  "iz"

"8 1/2" - Italy

"I vote for anything by Fellini."

From:  "Rafael Valdeavellano"

"The Silence of Neto" - Guatemala

"A beautiful touching story located in a country where the psychological scars of a now ended 30+ year internal war are sometimes even worse than the physical ones.

From:  "Larry Rochelle"

"Persona" - Sweden

From:  "?"

"The Rules of the Game" - France

From:  "P.J. McCarty"

"Once Were Warriors" - New Zealand

"An amazingly couragous film that dares to look at what happens to a people when their cultural identity is stripped away from them. Told in a deeply personal way by focusing on one family, this incredable film has some of the best acting ever recorded. If you've ever wondered ""why"" or ""how come"", take a look at this film. You'll walk away with a whole different understanding of what European ""civilization"" has truely done to the various peoples of the world and why it is so important for each of us to be allowed the dignity of our individual heritages."

From:  "David Thurston"

"Raise the Red Lantern" - China

From:  "Bob"

"Delicatessen" - France

From:  "d ferido"

"Seven Samurai" - Japan

From:  "Starch"

"Pierrot Le Fou" - France

From:  ""Armando Arroyo"

"Like Water for Chocolate" - México

From:  "Pralay Dakua"

"Bicycle Thieves" - Italy

From:  "Terri Martin"

"Como Agua Para Chocolate" - Mexico

From:  "US"

"How can you pick just ""one"" anything, especially a work of art when films evoke such incredible feelings. ""Amacord"" -- a masterpiece; ""My life as a dog"" -- incredible; ""Strawberry & Chocolate"" -- we don't know the pain of hidng our intellect... Life is good we have so many choices -- long live great film!!!"

From:  "Susan Spengler-Abell"

"Jules & Jim" - France 

From:  "Johnson Matthews"

"Pather Panchali" - India

"Excellent. All I can say. Excellent"

From:  "Linda "

"La Strada" - Italy

From:  "Eric the Federalist"

"La vita é bella" - Italy

From:  "bani"

"The Eighth Day " - Belgium

"everyone should see this film"

From:  "Alvaro Vivanco"

"Amarcord" - Italy

"The perfect combination between humour and drama."

From:  "jim cluster"

"babette's feast" - Denmark

From:  "Bob Blobski"

"The Seventh Seal" - Sweden

"Bergman is the greatest director of all time. Hey, everyone - stop putting 'Life Is Beautiful' all the time. I can understand if you're a proud Italian, but the message was indiscreet and pretentious. STOP VOTING IF YOU'RE NOT ITALIAN."

From:  "Roberto Roy"

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

From:  "D. Peter"

"Grand Illusion" - France

"A sadly beautiful film about the emotional and moral conflicts for leaders in war. Excellent"

From:  "Eve"

"The Seventh Seal" - Sweden

"I have to say the Seventh Seal – Swedish, for Ingmar Bergman deserves to have one of his many epic films receive this title. Choosing The Seventh Seal speaks for itself, what more is there to say? Oh, go on then!…. it is one of the most meritorious and, though it may not be readily apparent, is surely the most influential film of our time.
Although, I must admit that I do slightly prefer the film Red Kieslowski – Polish French Swiss. I do not feel that it is fair to include this film, as it is impossible to separate Red from the rest to the Trilogy. However the Trilogy is a work of genius, and therefore, on it’s own (as close to on it’s own as you can get with this film) Red should come close behind in the standings. 
One last comment, What in heaven’s name is all this crap about Life Is Beautiful being chosen as the best foreign film of the 20th Century? Don’t get me wrong I adore the film, and think it is very touching, interesting, humorous ect... ect.., but la crème de la crème?- dream on! The one thing that L.I.B. has managed to achieve that other films have not is that it is the first foreign film that has truly transcended into “The Main-Stream”. Il postino could have been “IT”, having received the same media exposure as L.I.B. (perhaps even more, and who should know why knows), but many of the audience (the denser ones, at that) thought it tediously slow, hopelessly boring, and ‘why the heck would that gorgeous babe go for such a stupid geek anyway?’ The one thing that L.I.B. has achieved is the most exposure; many, many, many people have seen it, perhaps
more than any other foreign film. And since it has come out recently, those of you (you know who you are) who have a BRAIN THE SIZE OF A PEA, automatically pick Life Is Beautiful simply because it is the ONLY foreign film you can remember the name of! Maybe I’ve got it wrong, if the point of this “questionnaire” is what is the most recently - frequently watched foreign film, we already have the obvious answer. So for those of you who choose to promote L.I.B., I have one question for you: HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN MORE THAN 5 FOREIGN FILMS IN YOUR LIFE? And I pose a CHALLANGE to ANYONE out there willing/able to defend their choice of Life Is Beautiful on the basis of true film technique, merit, and innovation in direction and or context."

From:  "Renee Saracki"

"Tokyo Story" - Japan

"A quietly devestating film of sacrifice and loss, full of bitter disappointment but also hope. One of the great humanist films of all time."

From:  "Jorge H. Medina"

"AMARCORD" - Italy

"The best ""real world"" picture ever. Real story with real peoplethat shows how much film art can do in only few minutes."

From:  "Magda"

"what have I done to deserve this" - Spain

"This is the fantastic work of one of the best director in Europe. I highly recommend all his films."

From:  "Michael Rubenstein"

"Amarcord" - Italy

From:  "no name"

"Once Were Warriors" - New Zealand

From:  "?"

"Ju Dou" - China

From:  "omar fuentes"

"400 Blows" - France

"A unique revolutionary film. Simple, perharps the ""easiest"" film
ever made, but inmensely deep, showing that the visul art of cinema
will be alive forever thanks to films like this."

From:  "Michael Anderson"

"Tokyo Story " - Japan

From:  "Richard Alwood"

"8 1/2" - Italy

From:  "?"

"All About My Mother" - Spain

From:  "Zanna"

"The Bicycle Thief" - Italy

From:  "Anthony"

"Andrei Rublev" - Russia

"Perhaps the greatest film. The 400 Blows and Ulysses Gaze also rate a mention."

From:  "Echo"

"Black Orpheus" - Brazil

From:  "Frances Lawton"

"Diva" - France

"This was the first foreign film that I had seen, because it was so fascinating I realized there are other great films besides the classics"

From:  "Jardel Vieira"

"Red" - France

"This is as far as i concern one of the most intringuate ,passionate and oustanding movie from all times,there is no such person that in the final scene of this movie feel something different fullfill your heart , like a secret,that for now on he will share with so many others lovers  A classic, a masterpiece , unforgettagble......"

From:  "Kaila Millstein"

"Au Revoir Les Enfants" - France 

"One of the finest depictions of how the holocaust toyed with the innocent. Louis Malle's fine film based on his own memory."

From:  "Christopher Liam McDevitt"

"children of paradise/les enfants du paradise" - France

"this is my favorite movie of all time and it was long beloved by connisoures the world and it was considered by many people to be the greatest movie ever made by one single movie director ever and it is the gone with the wind of art films and it is wise witty and completly captivating and it was named the greatest french film in the history of talking pictures by the french academy of cinema arts and tecniques and it was named one of the top 30 european films of all time by 20 leading european movie directors."

From:  "julia"

"toto the hero" - Belgium

From:  "?"

"Salaam Bombay" - India

From:  "Rebecca"

"Scenes from a Marriage" - Sweden

"A great Ingmar Bergman film. My second choices would have to be The Seventh Seal and Through a Glass Darkly by the same director."

From:  "Marie"

"The Blue Angel" - Germany

From:  "?"

"All About My Mother" - Spain

From:  "e.c.gallant"

"cinema paradiso" - Italy

From:  "Opio"

"Solaris" - Russia

"Not just the best foreign film, but the best film period, directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. Runners-up: Red Desert or L'avventura, both directed by Antonioni."

From:  "Hara Siregar"

"Ran" - Japan

"Kurosawa at his best."

From:  "Mathieu"

"The Phantom of Liberty" - Spain

"I'm really astonished that no one have yet mentionned Luis bunuel in this category.
He is, without a doubt, one of the master of filmmaking, and surrealism and absurdity...
You should rent movies like «Le charme discret de la Bourgeoisie», «Belle de Jour», «Viridiana»; «El»; «Un chien andalou»; and many mores.

From:  "?"

"Ma Vie en Rose" - France

"This film is unique because it portrays homosexuality through the eyes of youth, unlike other films, etc.. Innocence is warped by society's view of "norms"

From:  "?"

"My Life As A Dog" - Sweden

"See the movie, and I need not say more. And Laika is the coolest name there is for a dog."

From:  "Andy Hodgkinson"

"A Canterbury Tale" - Great Britain

"This is the film that made me a film buff. It was on Channel 4 one afternoon when I was bunking off college. Usually I like to have a nap in the afternoon, but this film kept me awake. After watching I researched Michael Powell and watched his other films. This led to a deepening interest in film, which continues to this day."

From:  "marlene"

"Nights of Cabiria" - Italy

"Second choice--Central Station"

From: "Tom"

"Il Gattopardo" aka "The Leopard" -Italy

"There are many (8 1/2, Black Orpheus, War & Peace '68, Bicycle Thief, L'Avventura) but here Visconti shows us what movie-making is all about: without "rushing" he's sticking to the story, beautiful color & good acting especially by great Lancaster!"

From: "Natasha Gonzalez"

"All About my Mother" - Spain

From: "Marian Porter"

"Die Brucke [The Bridge]" - Germany

"I have watched many many foreign films ... it used to be all I would go see at the theaters. There are so many good ones, among them Ingmar Bergman, Truffaut's 400 Blows ... the German expressionists, some incredible Russian films ... The Cranes Are Flying comes to mind. But nothing I've ever watched on film matched the riveting performances of the young boys in this film which was based on a true story. It's difficult to get up from the theater seat ... It shows the hideousness of war as no movie has ever quite portrayed."

From: "suzy such"

"King of Hearts" - Great Britain

From: "Istvan Wurm"

"The Midas Touch" - Hungary

"It's kinda hard for non-Hungarians to swallow, but it just blew me away. ""Amarcord"" is right up there with ""Last tango in Paris"" and Lina Wertmuller's just great."



From: "Biljana & Dejan Torbakovi"

"Before The Rain" - Macedonia

From: "Brooke"

"Like Water For Chocolate" - Mexico

"Mystery, romance, comedy, drama, the list goes on and on. This film has it all. It enthralls the audience with it's sheer brilliance. Words can not describe how utterly phenomenal this film is. It does exactly what any great film should do, make you THINKand FEEL!"

From: "?"

"Three Lives and Only One Death" - France

From "Adeline"

"Besieged" - Italy

"I can't really say which is the best movie of the 20th century since I haven't watched of the those movies, but my favourite (up till now) is definitely Besieged. I dunno why exactly actually, but I guess it's the most unromantic romance story, that's why. At least it made me feel that romance is possible in real life and not only in reel life, possible between people that we least expect to happen to."

From: "Travis Dockweiler"

"The Human Condition Trilogy" - Japan

From: "?"

"Ponette" - France

From: "Vincent Vo"

"Cries and Whispers" - Sweden

From: "Samurai fanatic"

"Seven Samurai" - Japan

"This is the most beautiful film i have ever sceen. Powereful, touching, beyond words. If you have not sceen it watch it. If you have sceen it watch it again."

From: "JuliaB"

"My New Partner" - France

From:  "Dean Radinovsky"

"L'Atalante" - France

"With Dita Parlo, who, not coincidentally, appears in another of the best films of the 20th century, ""Grand Illusion"""

From:  "Matt Langdon"

"Napoleon" - Italy

"This 1927 film by Abel Gance has so much to offer. It is the culmination of all that was great about the Silent Era and hence all that is great about film. It is without question one of a half dozen most important films of the 20th century. It's also six hours(!) of entertainment that influenced everyone from Kurosawa to Lean to Coppola. No director or film has improved on the achievment of its cinematic brilliance."

From:  "Spencer Brandkamp"

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

"With out a doubt the best all around movie ever made. Never has so much life been so simple put. Beyond a masterpiece!"

From:  "?"

"Farewell My Concubine" - China

From:  "Nobody"

"Manon of the spring" - France

From:  "Miko"

"The Conformist" - Italy

"Undoubtedly, the best of Bertolucci. This film just glides you through the magic of brilliant imagery and what perfect timing and unforgettable score. Very close runners-up are Pather Panchali (India), The Bicycle Thief (Italy), Children of Heaven (Iran) and Brother of Sleep (Germany)."

From:  "Elisabeth"

"House of Angels" - Sweden

"It was a very good comedy."

From:  "Fidel Juárez"

"Nostalguia"(1983) - U.S.S.R./Italy

"The masterpiece of Andrey Tarkovsy, who had already launched us into dreaming with our eyes open in ""The mirror"" (1974). Why ""Nostalguia""? 
Because simply it restores faith through images that invites us into an unexpected eye-opening meditation, for those who are seeking the aforementioned (as I did once, when I used to consider myself a spiritual person.) 
No words required. The clear, simple intentions contained in the title do not mean that ""Nostalguia"" functions on a sole level: Avoiding extravagant symbolism, Tarkovsky encounters the beauty of the difference (his beliefs of what movie-making should be), through sparse, morose, personal dreamy images. 
Breakthrough cinema (aimed towards the highest standards: hope and spiritual commitment) from an auteur whose legacy has been sadly and widely underrated, but praised as ""the greatest"" by non other than Ingmar Bergman, among others."

From:  "Toni P.Montoliu"

"Ran" - Japan

"The most powerful film of the great sensei Kurosawa.  I love to the films of De Sica, Rosellin, Eisenstein, Ozu, Mizoguchi, Kiewlosvski, Ken Loach, Salvatores o Manchevski, but Kurosawa is the biggest director of the century. And Ra,on of the best expression of Kurosawa's world."

From:  "Shobo"

"Graveyard of the Fireflies" - Japan

"Get the kleenex out and get ready for a good cry, moving. Moves 
us to think what live was like for common people in Japan during 
the end of the war. See in one and think about it for days."

From:  "Melay Araya"

"The Seven Samurai" - Japan

"This film is pure poetry. To watch it is to understand what westerns are all about. Kurasawa's film is witty yet profoundly touching with colorful characters and a simple story. The Searchers may be the best American western but Seven Samurai is THE best western (and foreign film)ever."

From:  "Arletty Mifune"

"The Seven Samurai" - Japan

"Kurasawa's tale of the six real samurai and the brave wannabe who help a poor village fight off bandits is the best weatern ever. Never has war been so glorified yet so saddening. Kurasawa did not need to show us the gruesome gore to explain the sacrifices made by warriors: he gives us a wide range of characters,from a young samurai in love to a troublemaker attempting to prove his worth, that change the tambor of the film by just trying to do the right thing."

From:  "B. Schrager"

"Andrei Rublev" - Soviet Union

From:  "Alex"

"A Time to Love" - Italy

From:  "enrique rozo"

"Buttefly" - Spain

From:  "Roger H. Brinker" 

"Strozyk" - Germany

From:  "kathleen"

"Volver a Empezar" - Spain

"This film is romantic, sad, funny, mysterious ... the gammet.  My husband and I can't forget!  It was released in 1982 and won the Oscar for foreign film."

From:  "Robyn Gilliom"

"Le Crabe Tambour" - France

From:  "sofia cardita"

"Persona" -Sweden

"No movie has ever touched me more. Two women, so close. Sweet, subtle, slow insanity. When we look at another person's eyes and see our face in the mirror. Additional choices would be "The Seventh Seal", also by Bergman, "The Pillow Book", by Peter Greenaway, and "Hiroshima, Mon Amour", by Alain Resnais."

From:  "Chris Bailey"

"The Seven Samurai" - Japan

"Kurasawa's direction of this movie ranks among the best of all time."

From:  "rob"

"The 400 Blows" - France

"Just a personal choice."

From:  "ALMA"

"Like Water for Chocholate" - Mexico

"Amazing!! a classic in my list!!"

From:  "nissy"

"Life on a String" - China

"This is the Eastern response to "The Seventh Seal" that sees death with light instead of darkness. It is about faith and it is timeless. It takes place in Mongolia in 1283 AD or 1983 AD, you can't tell. Beautiful photography and music that uses ancient banjo and symphony orchestra. Runner-ups: "Indochine" - France, for shear beauty of people, dress, and countryside, Jerusalem-Denmark? for honesty and lack of anything judgemental, and that wonderful Australian film, "Map of the Human Heart"."

From:  "?"

"The Milky Way" - Palestine

"Excellent acting. Excellent writing. Great scenery."

From:  "Kimberlie Ray"

"La Femme Nikita" - France

"Excellent film -- inspired an american version as well as a televeision series!!"

From:  "Carlos Vacas"

"All About My Mother" -Spain

"The best work of Almodovar!"

From:  "?"

"Blue, White and Red" - France

"Definitelly the very best of all movies. All three together, none of them is better that the others. They all are the best."

From:  "William Burk"

"Ikiru" - Japan

"The epitome of human drama--the meaning or substance of life-- to the individual and to his family, friends, community, and government. The triumph of the goodness in human nature over both tragedy and vanity. a universal theme in a timeless portrayal. Thank you Akira Kurosawa!"

From:  "Joseph P. Nuzzolo"

"Seven Beauties" - Italy

"The Greatest Film ever made was without doubt "Seven Beauties" which would include American Films also."

From:  "Lewis Kapell"

"Mirror" - Russia

"Andrei Tarkovsky's best film."

From:  "Rosemarie Rauzino-Heller"

"Seventh Seal" - Sweden

From:  "Jeanette Marinese"

"The Monster" - Italy

From:  "J. Park"

"Seven Samurai" - Japan

"The movie speaks for itself. Amazing."

From:  "william domanski"

"L'Argent" - France

From:  "Monica Roizner"

"Wings of Desire" - Germany

From:  "Thomas Hughes"

"Fitzcarraldo" - Germany

From:  "John Warthen"

"The Leopard" - Italy

"Some alternate choices: Japan: "Sansho the Bailiff "(Mizoguchi), Russia: "Zemlya (Earth)"(Dovzhenko), India: "Charulata"(S. Ray), Germany: "Last Laugh"(Murnau)."

From:  "Ian McGarry"

"Three Colours Blue" - France

From: "Gia Gracielle"

"Black Orpheus" - Brazil

"Along with all of De Sica, most notably, La Ladrone di Bicicletta (The Bicycle Thief), and Matrimonia all' Italiana (Marriage Italian Style), Black Orpheus stands out as the most touching and most exquisitely beautiful film I've ever seen. Perhaps because it is the first film I ever saw that I remain so moved by it after so many years. Someone once commented to me that he found the film very sad. But I always remember the children dancing at the end and think, "Love never dies.""

From:  "leonardo"

"Bye Bye Monkey" - Italy

"Moves you from the inside"

From:  "Avi Solomon"

"Solaris" - Russia

From:  "Josh Hoeckle"

"Life Is Beautiful" - Italy

From:  "iris hake"

"The King of Masks" - China

"A mesmerizing tale of the trials and triumphs of the peasant class people of China."

From:  "Aaron Sheley"

"Satyricon" - Italy

"There is no beginning and no end. Just the infinite passion of life. --Federico Fellini"

From:  "Chris Boyd"

"Character" - Holland

From:  "Gregory Crisci"

"The Rules of the Game" - France

"Such unbelievable control over such diverse elements of tragedy, farce, and social criticism coupled with an effortless naturalistic flow of action and emotion. No director has equalled Renoir's love for his characters and his innate sense of film movement and composition. The scene where Marcel Dalio unveils his latest music box summarizes his world and sets the stage for everything that follows. I think it is one of the finest ever filmed."

From:  "Gale C"

"Life is Beatiful" - Italy

"I fall into the category of not being 100% sure on this above "Il Postino" and "Cinema Paradiso" - I was entirely captivated by LIB and CP, and enjoyed how both ran the range of humanity - although LIB did it best (transitioning from the light to the dark, evil side of life...) I still wonder in LIB if the mother in law set up having them sent to the camp..."

From:  "Joanne"

"Camille Claudel" - France

"A "must-see" for foreign film and art lovers. This movie introduced me to the wonderful world of foreign films, and I've been hooked ever since."

From:  "Eduardo Henrique Araújo de Gusmão"

"The Phantom of Liberty" - Spain

"This movie from the spanish director Luis Bunuel expresses the lack of capability that we have to live with freedom. We talk of freedom but we don´t even know what it is."

From:  "Heath C. Trial"

"WR: Mysteries of the Organism" - Yugoslavia

From:  "jorge molina"

"Cinema Paradiso - Italy

From:  "B Torres"

"M" - Germany

"Everything Kubrick, Pasolini and countless other directors aimed for, was perfectly developed in this innovative look at a child murderer that points the finger of blame in every direction to expose the gritty facts of human nature."

From:  "chellyravi"

"Once Were Warriors" - New Zealand

From: "emily"

"Wings of Desire" - Germany

"This is a film that becomes more beautiful the more i see it, and has informed the way i think about life. Along with its bizarre sequel, Faraway So Close, it gives you a chance to cherish every aspect of what it means to be human and alive--and it makes you believe in angels. These are films for anyone prone to introspection, anyone who loves languages, anyone who has ever felt watched by unseen eyes or helped by unseen hands. Also, Bruno Ganz and Otto Sander's portrayals are incredibly touching.

From:  "Therese Smith"

"Indocine" - France

"Wonderful story line, great actors and breath taking sceneries. Vincent Perez was awesome as well."

From:  "Tanya Schreiner"

"Run Lola Run" - Germany

"An amazing, fast-paced, 'what if' story I fell in love with the minute it started."

From:  "Darek"

"Persona" - Sweden


"The Eighth Day" - France/Belgium

From:  "Tom"

"Yojimbo" - Japan

"Mifune and Kurosawa at their best!"

From:  "Darek"

"Knife in the Water" - Poland

"The first film of Polanski and the most impressive debut in the history of cinema."

From:  "joe coelho"

"Mediterraneo" - Italy

From:  "john davies"

"Sansho Dayu" - Japan

"Mizoguchi should be much better known. Sansho Dayu is so beautiful and emotionally overwhelming.I also love Andrei Rublev, Alice in the cities, Abraham Valley, The Green Ray, Mirror, La Regle du jeu, Seven Samurai, Tokyo Story, Rosetta, Maborosi, Une Partie de Campagne, New Tales of the Taira Clan, Eternity and a Day. Difficult to stop!"

From:  "AT"

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

From:  "baxterbuilder"

"Indochine" - France

From:  "Mike Williams"

"Ran" - Japan

From:  "james johnson"

"Nights of Cabiria" - Italy

From:  "Cliff Walker"

"Destiny (Der Mode Tod)" - Germany

"First and best film ever dealing with Reincarnation by a director. (Fritz Lang)"

From:  "Red Fan"

"Red" - France

"The best, most intricate, most symbollically rich movie"

From:  "Elizabeth Wright"

"Red" - France

From:  "Howard Schumann"

"Au Hasard Balthazar" - France

"My favorite Besson film, though I love all of them. This film is on such a lofty pedestal that it transcends meaning, explanation, genre etc, just describes what it means to be human."

From:  "Anthony Hann"

"Hana-Bi (fireworks)" - Japan

"A Masterpiece."

From:  "ian vicente"

"Central Station" - Brazil

From: "John"

"The Seven Samurai" - Japan

"Akira Kurasawa is the best director- EVER."

From:  "Michael Whitney"

"Father" - Hungary

"Istvan Szabo's 1966 film Father is a deeply personal and moving story about a young man's search for the real history of his father, who died during the German WW2 occupation of Hungary. This is a complex film about post-war Hungarian history and personality."

From:  "Branka"

"The Underground (Once upon a time there was a country)" - Yugoslavia

"This is probably the most beautiful film I have ever seen. The only movie to ever come close to it is Roberto Benigni's "La vita è bella" (Life is beautiful). Bravo to Emir Kusturica, and I still believe that the country that once was will be again! Igra rock 'n roll cela Jugoslavija."

From:  "Nadia Zer"

"Life is Beautiful" - Italy

From:  "kr0pt"

"Koyla" - Czechoslovakia

"It was hard to decide. I have many favorites including Burnt by the Sun, Time of the Gypsies, Blue, Life is Beautiful, Seventh Seal."

From:  "Morganna Le"

"Raise the Red Lantern" - China

From:  "Matthew Forss"

"Day Of The Beast" - Spain

From:  "Charles S. Williams"

"The Seventh Seal" - Sweden

"If this is the best Non-English film then it is one of the two best films ever made, standing along side of Citizen Kane. There are many other great films made by equally great directors all dealing with the human struggle to survive but this stands as a testament to how we end our lives."

From:  "noah"

"Fanny & Alexander" - Sweden

From:  "kitty num nums"

"1900" - Italy

From:  "GuruGlen"

"Wings of Desire" - Germany

A film that is more like a poem than a movie. Very interesting. Reminding us that maybe we should not try to improve already good, no great, films by remaking them in English."

From:  "Steven Gaydos"

"Stavisky" - France

From:  "Denis Dixon"

"Seven Samurai" - Japan

From:  "Chris"

"Solaris" - Russia

"The most beautiful and profound of films."

From:  "?"

"Life is Beautiful" - Italy

"It's a beautiful movie."

From:  "Jason Woodhouse"

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

From:  "George"

"Children of Paradise" - France

From:  "gary valeriani"

"The Bicycle Thief" - Italy

"What is left to say about this masterwork. A triumph in every respect. Vittorio DeSica created one of the greatest filmed statements ever."

From:  "Joanne"

"All the Mornings of the World" - France

From:  "alfonso millet"

"Como Agua Para Chocolate" - México

From:  "richard thomas"

"Sansho the Bailiff" - Japan

From: "Gail Joslyn"

"Dreams"  -  Japan

"The various insights into mankind are so keenly and beautifully made. Who can forget the loveliness and sadness of the ""Peach Orchard"" vignette? Or the Fox wedding with the little boy. The beauty and sereness of the waterwheels of lifes' journey. The intensity of VanGogh? The sorrow of the neuclear demons. How poignently clear our fears and small joys are portrayed in this movie."

From:  "Chris"

"Rashomon"  -  Japan

"The mother of all murder mysteries! Incredible film! We never do find out who did it but who cares. Kurosawa created a true masterpiece infused with visual splendor and vibrant characters! Mifune is hypnotic!"

From:  "Geoff O'Connor"

"Pickpocket"  -  France

"I cannot believe that no-one has yet picked (no pun intended) this most profound and cinematic of films, or the magnificent "Un Femme Douce", or any other of Bresson's masterpieces, except two votes for "L'Argent". Many of my other favourite films have been nominated, but only one vote for Kitano's awesome "Sonatine"!! And don't forget that documentaries are films too, although Chris Marker's mind-blowing "Sans Soleil" is a "documentary" like no other, except perhaps Werner Herzog's "Fata Morgana."

From:  "christine"

"Jules & Jim"  -  France

"Come on, people, the man said the best foreign film of the 20th century . . . "

From:  "Jerry Tucker"

"Scent of Green Papaya"  -  Vietnam 

"I, like everyone who has posted here, I suppose, has seen most of the films nominated. I may not feel Scent... was the best, but I was disappointed it wasn't nominated, as well as Betty Blue. Two beautiful stories, one touching by its tenderness, the other by its violent futility, rendered by an excellent cast. If I was cornered and threatened, I suppose I would have to go with La Dolce Vita. My God, so powerful nearly 40 years later."

From:  "marc"

"Seventh Seal"  -  Sweden

"Liquid philosophy! attempts to tackle the only question that will forever plauge mankind. both heartwarming and heartbreaking, human and immortal, done with such grace and power, that while it is uniquely 20th century from its intellectual stance, it echoes throughout mankinds past,present and future. (other "contenders" include The Bicycle Thief, Even Dwarves Started Small, Strike, Ran, Woyzeck (hungarian, while i am a huge fan of the Herzog version, this one is mind blowing)and Taste of Cherries)."

From:  "Robert Cohen"

"La Dolce Vita"  -  Italy

From:  "Justin Kingery"

"Breathless"  -  France

From:  "len"

"The Field"  -  Ireland

"Excellent cast, great script. Probably the greatest Irish movie ever made."

From:  "christel woods"

"Breaking the Waves"  -  Denmark

"It was a story of simple means simple characters that had extrodinary tale to tell."

From:  "Matthew Phillips"

"Seven Samurai" - Japan

From:  "Kerry"

"Wild Strawberries" - Sweden

From:  "Barb Nixon"

"Three Seasons" - Vietnam

From:  "August J. Bucci"

"Salvatore Giuliano" - Italy

"Film is by Francesco Rosi, It was filmed Italy 1962, Producer: Franco Cristaldi"

From:  "Holly"

"Tampopo" - Japan

"Tampopo was hilarious, making a social comment about traditional Japanese culture using the nations dietary fasination with Ramen in the emerging popular and modern influences that have invaded Japan's population. Well acted, funny, relevant, and true to life."

From:  "Ibis"

"La Strada" - Italy

From:  "John Birrell"

"Jean de Florette/Manon of the Spring" - France

From:  "DR. T."

"El Topo" - Mexico

"Nothing will ever compare"

From:  "Steven Emett"

"The Official Story" - Argentina

From:  "mike waugh"

 "Seven Samurai" - Japan

"It's what every action film wishes it could be."

From:  "?"

"Ivanova Dyetstva (Ivan's Childhood)" - Russia

From:  "grzegorz"

"Breaking the Waves" - Denmark

From:  "Marie"

"Trois Couleurs Rouge" - France

"A deep and moving cinematic masterpiece - dialogue, photography, acting... but it was the goosebumps induced by the powerful Preisner score that never lets me forget the impact of this film. "

From:  "daniel minskey"

"Ju Dou" - China

From:  "Eleanor Goodman"

"Andrei Rublev" - Russia

From:  "Richard Palumbo"

"La Strada" - Italy

"Great acting by Giulietta Masima, Anthony Quinn and Richard Basehart on the theme of what selfishness and emotional isolation can lead to."

From:  "aarun kumar"

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

"it was very well scripted and directed"

From:  "r mccallum"

"Fitzcarraldo" - Germany

From:  "Diana Ojeda"

"Wings of Desire" - Germany

From:  "Norman Delude"

"Sanjuro" - Japan

From:  "Stephen Shelley"

"Ulysses Gaze" - Greece

From:  "laure Baker"

"Amelie" - France

"magical... moving, beautiful and altogether splendid. Merci Jean-Pierre!"

From:  "PMA"

"Bye Bye Brazil" - Brazil

From:  "Mike Doban"

"La Dolce Vita" - Italy

From:  "michael finn"

"der totmacher" - Germany

"proves you dont need special effects ,scenery and all that shit ....purely good acting and most important of all a good story ..take note arew destroying the art of acting!!"

From:  "B>Ralph"

"Breaking The Waves" - Denmark

From:  "David George Woodhouse"

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

From:  "Susan"

"Three Colours - Red, White & Blue" - France

From:  "Terry Comino"

"Life is Beautiful" - Italy

"The film expresses and reinforces our humanity in many levels."

From:  "Dr Monika Deb"

"Open City" - Italy

From:  "Kent Ewing"

"Ugetsu" - Japan

"Dead goast-girl creepiness. I cant wait till this movie comes to dvd. -----Also, Why am I the only person to mention this gem???"

From:  "Captain Burton"

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

From:  "Hiep Nguyen"

"Rashomon" - Japan

"Though my first choice is ""Rashomon"", I would have to put "" The Seven Samurai"" second on the list. ""Ran"" would complete my choices from the films of Akira Kurosawa. No question that he was the greatest film maker ever. To choose favorites from his films is like choosing who your favorite child is. Others I would like to add would be ""Ugetsu Monogatari"" by Kenji Mizoguchi, De Sica's ""The Bicycle Thief"", Zhang Yimou's ""Raise The Red Lanttern"", ""La Vita e Bella"" and ""Cinema Paradiso"".

From:  "Akanksha"

"Lagaan" - India

From:  "Eduard Schmalek"

"Cinema Paradiso" - Italy

"to me the most magical film ever made - a masterpiece",

From:  "MP"

"Ugetsu" - Japan

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