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  POLAND   Ashes and Diamonds 1958   Andrzej Wajda
  POLAND   At the Bottom of Hell     Maciej Sienski
  USSR   Ballad of a Soldier 1960   Grigori Chuckhrai
  GERMANY   Bridge, The 1959   Bernhard Wicki
  FRANCE   Capitaine Conan 1996   Bertrand Tavernier
  HUNGARY   Cold Days 1966   Andras Kovacs
  RUSSIA   Come and See 1986   Elem Klimov
  POLAND   Commando     Marek Widarski
  USSR   Commissar 1967-87   Alexandr Askoldov
  COLOMBIA   Confessing to Laura 1990   Jaime Osorio Gomez
  CZECHOSLOVAKIA   Coward, The 1962   Jiri Weiss
  USSR   Cranes are Flying, The 1967   Mikhail Kalatozov
  GERMANY   Das Boot: The Director's Cut 1981   Wolfgang Petersen
  YUGOSLAVIA   Day that Shook the World 1975   Veljko Bulajic
  POLAND   Deluge, The 1973   Jerzy Hoffman
  JAPAN   Dreams 1990   Akira Kurosawa
  FRANCE   Elusive Corporal 1962   Jean Renoir
  POLAND   Europa/Europa 1991   Agnieszka Holland
  HUNGARY   Fifth Seal, The 1976   Zoltan Fabri
  JAPAN   Fires on the Plain 1959   Kon Ichikawa
  FRANCE   For Ever Mozart 1996   Jean-Luc Godard
  POLAND   Generation, A 1954   Andrzej Wajda
  GERMANY   Germany, Pale Mother 1980   Helma Sanders-Brahms
  GERMANY   Gorilla Bathes at Noon 1992   Dusan Makavejev
  FRANCE   Grand Illusion 1937   Jean Renoir
  FRANCE   Green House, The 1996   Phillippe De Broca
  GREAT BRITAIN   Hedd Wyn 1996   Paul Turner
  GERMANY   Heimat 1984   Edgar Reitz
  GERMANY   Heimat II 1994   Edgar Reitz
  SPAIN   Hunt, The 1966   Carlos Saura
  FRANCE   Is Paris Burning? 1968   Rene Clement
  GERMANY   Jacob the Liar 1974   Frank Beyer
  POLAND   Kanal 1956   Andrzej Wajda
  POLAND   Major Hubal 1973   Bohdan Poreba
  ITALY   Man With a Cross 1943   Roberto Rossellini
  USSR   Mirror, The 1975   Andrei Tarkovsky
  POLAND   Mother of Kings 1976   Janusz Zaorski
  USSR   My Name is Ivan 1962   Andrei Tarkovsky
  ITALY   Night of the Shooting Stars 1982   Paolo and Vittorio Taviani
  GERMANY   Ogre, The 1996   Volker Schlondorff
  YUGOSLAVIA   Pretty Village, Pretty Flame 1996   Srdjian Dragojevic
  RUSSIA   Prisoners of the Mountains 1996   Sergei Bodrov
  FRANCE   Queen Margot 1994   Patrice Chereau
  HUNGARY   Red and the White, The 1968   Miklos Jancso
  JAPAN   Rhapsody in August 1991   Akira Kurosawa
  SWEDEN   Shame, The 1968   Ingmar Bergman
  ISRAEL   Siege 1970   Gilberto Tofano
  GERMANY   Stalingrad 1992   Joseph Vilsmaier
  YUGOSLAVIA   Underground 1995   Emir Kusturica
  ARGENTINA   Veronico Cruz 1989   Miguel Pereira
  USSR   War and Peace 1968   Sergei Bondarchuk
  FINLAND   Winter War, The 1990   Pekka Parikka

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